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 Al-Quds (Jerusalem City) is the most famous name in Palestine for the beloved city for the Palestinians, the ancient city with a long history, a cultural, religious, and spiritual background that not only make it a special city but also makes it a destination for those seeking peace and beauty. During the long history of the ancient city and the diversity of its visitors and residents, diversity appeared in its cuisine, which undoubtedly united people together for good and peace.

Al-Quds brand was established to be a bridge between small producers and Palestinian women to consumers in the international markets, helping the small producers to develop their products and to bring them directly to consumers, thus shortening the long supply chain. Which targets the consumer directly and small and medium grocers. That guarantees a good and dignified life for Palestinian producers, especially women.

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AlQuds Palestinian Products
AlQuds Palestinain Products

Our List Of Products

Lamico for General Trading is specialized in sorting and packing Palestinian Medjoul dates. We can offer the following sorts with different packing sizes, brands, and privet labels. nevertheless, Lamico is offering other Palestinian agricultural products such as Zaatar blend, Freekeh, olive oil, and others. 

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