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Who We are 

Lamico For General Trading Co

Lamico General Trading Company is one of the leading Palestinian companies in several sectors, including agricultural, commercial, and real estate. Lamico was established in 2005 a few years later, it developed distinctively to be at the forefront of Palestinian companies with multiple investments.

Lamico has a significant investment in Palestinian Medjoul dates, a packing house, and more than 1000 tons of freezer warehouse, which export Palestinian Medjoul dates to more than 20 international distinations.
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 the Real estate development, Lamico has invested in building meanwhile of more than 38,000 meters square of both residential and commercial buildings; nevertheless Lamico works in land trade 

Growing up seasonal vegetable crops in addition to Grapes and almond. 
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Lamico works in the local Palestinian fruit and vegetable market, which includes sorting, grading, and trading in local agricultural products, with a total capacity of more than 10,000 tons annually.
Lamico works in the Palestinian governmental tenders and supplies sector in foodstuffs, vegetables, and fruits, in addition to fashion and clothing for the Palestinian Police.
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